Our Philosophy

When you take lessons with Marzaroli Piano Studios, the most important thing that you will learn is how to read music well. Once a student is able to read music with ease, they can enjoy playing pieces that they like. We strongly feel that the students love what they are playing.

The students receive a complete and strong foundation to the art of piano playing. This includes technique, musicality, theory, and the history of music and composers. With each of these advancements, your music will continue to grow. We enjoy teaching students from ages 3 to over 85! We have over 50 years of experience in teaching students of all ages and levels.

Our goal is to help students develop to their full potential. We do everything we can to make the students feel comfortable during the lessons and always encourage students to speak up when they have questions. We are here to help each one of our students succeed. Every student is unique and we love to explore and get to know all of you!

We give the gift of music to students that they can take with them forever.

Teaching Young Children

For the very young children, they will learn how to read music from the very first day of lessons! We start by learning the notes and finding them on the piano. They also learn rhythm, finger numbers, and key placements. We design fun games and activities for each individual young student. These include games that teach ear training, clapping to music to teach rhythm, coloring to teach theory, and playing on a magnetic board to teach notes. The activities are changed every two minutes to keep the very young students' interest and focus. From the activities, we go back and play on the piano again. This process can be repeated many times during the lesson to keep the young ones interested.

By using these games, the children don't feel like they are coming to a piano lesson, but that they are coming to play with their teacher. We are very happy to see their smiling faces and see them enjoying themselves. That is “Teaching the Joy of Music”. When you start to instill the love and joy of music from a very young age, it will last a lifetime!