Student and Parent Testimonials

I am an advanced student of Rosanna Marzaroli. I have studied with her for about 4 years now, and within the first year I have progressed noticeably under her direction. She is an extremely well-qualified teacher, who pays attention to details and makes sure one understands what she is trying to get across. She is also very encouraging, which is important to any student. In addition, I have heard other students of Rosanna's, who have only studied for a short time, and I am amazed how well they are doing. I feel fortunate to have found her, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is just starting out learning the piano or for those who are advanced and wish to improve.

― Bill McDonald

My daughter Kelly has studied with Rosanna for over five years and I would highly recommend her to other students. Kelly has progressed beautifully in her music sight reading, artistic piano playing and polished presence in performances. I particularly appreciate how Rosanna always selects piano pieces that not only fit with Kelly's ability, but also her personality. Rosanna is a teacher that produces excellent piano students! When they say it takes a village to raise a child, Rosanna is part of our village that has helped Kelly to mature into a fine young adult.

― Leanne Reynolds

Our children and I have taken piano lessons at Marzaroli Piano Studios since 2006 and exclusively with Rosanna in the past two years. Initially, my daughter and I took lessons with Rosanna and my son with Vicharini. After a one-year break, we decided that our children needed to come back to Marzaroli Studios. We are thrilled with how they have grown and developed a love for music. Not only do Rosanna and Vicharini instill a musical appreciation in their students, but also we feel their techniques and discipline are superior to other piano teachers we know. We greatly enjoy listening to our children play the piano and they love to perform at family events.

― Shab Caley

I have been studying piano with Vicharini Marzaroli for more than ten years. She has given me the greatest and most precious gift of all in music that will last a life time. Studying piano with the Marzaroli Studios has given me the opportunity to receive many awards, achievements, priceless & most valuable experiences throughout the years. I loved each and every moment of studying piano with her. She teaches with such precision, clarity and attention to detail. Most importantly she teaches directly from the heart. Thanks to her, I have graduated with a B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA due to her and her daughter, Rosanna's guidance. I appreciate all the hard work and teachings they have been through with me as their pupil. I am now teaching piano to my own private students and performing piano as well.

― Janet Triyarn

We would like to thank Vicharini Marzaroli for being our children's first music teacher. For the first two years of their musical lives she nurtured and inspired our children, ages 4 and 6 (they both started with her when they were only 3 years old,) to love the piano. We as parents loved her because she is so good with little kids, showing so much patience and respect. More importantly, our children loved her because she made learning the piano fun yet challenging. She well prepared both our children to become scholarship students at the Colburn School. We want and demand the best for our children and we went to Vicharini because she is the best young children's piano teacher in Southern California and if there was anyone better we would have went there.

― Kevin Kim